Small Business Equipment Loans of Murphy Bank – Fresno, CA

Murphy BankAt Murphy Bank, you may get relevant loans at an efficient rate based on the facts that you can get the financing with fixed interest rate and term, based on your paid equipment for operating capital, for new and used equipment, without paying the high interest rates of making your purchases with a bank credit card, and without the red tape of an SBA loan.

As for the Farm and Small Business Equipment Loans, they can help you with trailers, survey equipment, security equipment, restaurant / bakery equipment, printing equipment, office furniture, medical equipment, fork lifts, farm equipment, construction equipment, computer controlled machining equipment, body shop equipment, big rigs, and auto repair equipment etc.


Murphy Bank is a local bank committed to offering quality business and personal banking services in CA.

Tel: 877-225-0318
Location: 5180 N. Palm Suite 101, Fresno, CA 93704

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