SBA Lending Service and Process of EH National Bank – Temecula, CA

EH National BankThe optimum service is offered for businesses of all sorts at EH National Bank where a maximum loan of $5 million can be obtained under the SBA program. The documents for such a loan include the personal financial statements covering all personal assets, liabilities and monthly payments, the accounts receivable and payable aging broken into 30-, 60-, 90- and past 90-day old categories, the cash flow projections showing how much should be paid back for the loan, the income statements indicating profits or losses for the previous 3 years, and the balance sheets from the past 3 fiscal years.

Five essential stages are required. The first one is the pre-qualification through which the amount of the loan, the amortization, the interest rate, and the collateral etc. are finalized. Then you may start to apply with the assistance from the bank. Once the application is done, a Conditional Loan Commitment is issued. At the fourth stage i.e. the Due Diligence, all the documents concerned are reviewed by the bank underwriters. If all these pass all right, it comes to the final one, i.e. closing which will be usually done in about 2 to 5 days after the completion of the due diligence.

EH National Bank - SBA


EH National Bank is a full-service bank offering convenient business banking service and personal financial products i n CA .


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