Home Loans in Alaska at First Bank

First BankFounded in 1924, First Bank is a local bank in Alaska. The bank can offer various loan products including home loans, auto loans, boat loans, personal loans and construction loans. Talking about home and mortgage loans, there are home loans, home improvement loans and home equity loans designed to meet needs of customers.

Branch locations:

  • Mendenhall
  • Juneau
  • Sitka
  • Petersburg
  • Wrangell
  • Prince of Wales

Features of Different Home Loans

Home Loans

Mortgage loans come with several features including adjustable or fixed rate, many options for refinancing and no fees for application. The loan product is customizable and affordable. You are highly suggested to apply for loan products at this bank, If you are in one of these cases as below:
have a plan of refinancing your home loan
want to make mortgages in southeast Alaska

And home improvement loan is specially designed for construction, renovations or repairs. Home Equity Loans are based on value of the home.

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Tel: 907-228-4241
Site: http://www.firstbankak.com

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