Home Mortgage Loans in Arkansas at Iberiabank

IberiabankWith $12.1 billion in assets, IBERIABANK is founded in 1887 and has more than 200 branch offices in 12 states including Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. The bank is a full-line bank offering savings accounts, checking accounts, CDs, various loans and credit cards to its customers.

Iberiabank’s Home Loans in Arkansas

One of the featured products of Iberiabank is its home loans and mortgage loans. There are many options for home financing including FHA loans, Fixed Mortgages, Adjustable Rate, VA loans, Rural Development loans and Reverse Mortgage loans. All of them are designed with competitive interest rates and fast approvals.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

It is one of the most popular home loans. There are a fixed amount of interest and principal payment. The loan comes with different terms.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

The loan comes with a lower initial rate. In general, after a period of 3, 5 or 10 years, the rate may be adjusted.

FHA, VA and Rural Development

The loan will help you take advantage of government loans with a competitive interest rate and a very low down payment.

Reverse Mortgage – HECM

It is a special loan designed for seniors who age 62 or older to convert their equity in home into cash.


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Site: http://www.iberiabank.com/personal/personal/mortgage-loans.html

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