First Hawaiian Bank Offers Smart Tuition Loans

First Hawaiian BankFirst Hawaiian Bank is a full-service bank committed to offering competitive financial services in Hawaii. The bank’s Student Banking is right for students to manage their money or get financing. So, there are different solutions of loans and checking for you.

First Checking is a type of free checking well designed especially for students who age 17-29. And it will help you establish personal finance freely. And if you plan to apply for a private student loan to pay for your education, here are also many options.

Tuition Loan is designed for student or their parents to fund the education cost. Here are three different options as below.

Home Equity FirstLine Plus will help you take advantage of current lowest rates. It is designed with fixed rate and flexible payment options.

With PayAnyDay Personal Loan, you can borrow a fixed amount for your personal purpose. So, you can use it to consolidate those bills, new furnitures, credit cards or pay for education.

Personal FirstLine works with flexible terms and fixed rates too. It also can be used for tuition or other medical expenses. Just Click here to learn more about loan options of First Hawaiian Bank.


Tel: 808-844-4444

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