Student Loans for Undergraduates and Graduates at Wells Fargo

Wells FargoWells Fargo is a large bank offering various competitive financial services in many states of USA. There are also various types of student loans designed for both Undergraduates and Graduates. Plus, there are also private student loans designed to meet special needs.

For undergraduate student, Wells Fargo offers flexible loans with fast approvals and low interest rates to cover all of their education expenses including tuition. There is no requirement of origination fees. If you are still in school, you do not need to make any payments. If you are attending a 4-year school, it is a good option with Variable rate of 2.93% APR and Fixed rate of
6.17% APR.

For graduates, there are also loans designed for you to pay for health, MBA, law and other professional programs. There is no requirement of payments until you have left the school for more than six months. The loan will come with low variable rate of 4.2% APR or fixed rate of 7.13% APR.

Private student loan Consolidation is a good solution of combining existing private student loans into a new loan with a single monthly payment and a competitive interest rate. With it you’ll lower your monthly expenses and simplify repayment. Plus, you can choose the best rate type. There are two interest rate options of fixed and variable for you to choose.


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