U.S. Bank’s Student Banking and Student Loans

U.S. BankU.S. Bank is a large commercial bank with assets of over $321 billion and customers of 15.8 million. The bank has branches in all 50 states. U.S. Bank is a full-service bank offering deposit accounts, mortgages, investment management and various loan products. Plus, U.S. Bank is committed to providing students with good financial services including student loans, student checking, campus card, college visa card and other competitive Financial Aid Options.

More about Student Banking at U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank will help students realize their dream of college. And there are many options of financial products for students at U.S. Bank. Please click here to learn more!

Student Checking

It is a smart solution for students to access their money with many extra benefits including no service fee, 4 free non-U.S. Bank ATM transactions and free first order of checks. And its opening deposit is $25. If you want to apply for the checking account, you should be a 18 years old U.S. resident with SSN or state ID.

College Visa Card and Campus Card

These cards will help you get a better management of your personal finance without annual fee.

Loans 101 for Students

In general, you are suggested to use scholarships, grants or federal loans to pay for your education before you have to apply for private loans. And private student loans are usually credit-based loans that means they should be certified by the school’s financial aid office. If you have made sure that you are eligible for a private student loan, you’ll be required to fill out FAFSA. Repayment will be required if you have graduated for more than half of a year.


  • Site: www.usbank.com
  • Tel: 800-242-1200

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