1st California Hard Money Loans

1st California Hard MoneyThere are many premier hard money lenders in California and 1st California Hard Money is one of them. It has 25 years of experience in this field and has successfully closed in excess of $300 Million in privately funded loans.

The company aims in providing services to those in needs, and that is why it have now extend the group of customers to borrowers, investors and brokers.
If you have to get a loan in a short period of time because of various reasons, usually you cannot do so because of the long approval time by the normal money lender. But now, the company can have your case approved in a short period of time.

The speed of approval is so fast that the company can quickly give the loan out right after they have totally known your needs and judge if you are qualified to apply for a loan from the company.

The company also accepts compensation in forms of escrow or as a referral fee. It is rather flexible.

  • Your Client is Protected

All the information would be protected by the company if you are still having any type of relationship with the company.

  • Creative and Flexible Underwriting

The company will try to find every possible way to have the loan approved because they want to help every client.

  • Financial Strength

The company has funded over 300 Million since inception and the company has over 70 Million under management.

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