California Hard Money Lender’s Bad Credit Loans

California Hard Money LenderCalifornia hard money lender is specializing in funding subprime and providing poor credit mortgage loans to those in need. The company also provides bridge loans and hard money residential loans to its honorable customers. Coastal La Jolla Funding is the company that can provide hard money loans to fit the unique needs of customers. Moreover, the efficiency of dealing with each case is one of the advantages of  loan from CLJF. If you want to apply for a secured hard money mortgage, it is a good option.

Other than offering bad credit loans to those in California, the company also serves the following regions, including Alaska, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, and Virginia.

Its California the amount of bad credit loans has already gone up to $2 million. According to the past records, the company can finance up to 75% of the montage loan requested. This is a rather large percentage as most money lenders cannot finance up to such a high percentage. For hard money loan, the company need at least 25%-30% equity in land or liquid assets as the sufficient collateral.

Many customers make good use of the hard money loan when they are in acquisitions and bankruptcies. Although you may not want to have a loan in such a high interest rate, it is better than losing any potential opportunity of earning money.


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