Farm Credit Service of America’s Loans

Farm Credit Service of AmericaFarm Credit Service of America is a company in Omaha, Nebraska that aims in providing services to farmers by serving their needs on risk management, agricultural credit and various types of financial needs.

Farm Credit Service of America is now part of the Farm Credit System, which is an organization that provides credit and affiliated services to the operators of farms in the United States. Nearly one-third of their financial needs are met by the Farm Credit System. For more information, please visit

Farm Credit Services of America, which is belongs to the Farm Credit System, was charted in 1917 and it is now a $186-billion nationwide network of lending institutions.

By using a cooperative basis, the association can operate in an effective way. It is owned by more than 60,000 stockholders and there is a 17-member board of directors that can govern the whole association.

You can find that the real estate loans offered by them are the most competitive and flexible.

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