Hard Money Loans Offered by CFU in Arkansas

Commercial Funding UnlimitedPerhaps you are in a great trouble because nearly all the banks refuse to give you loan. But now, Commercial Funding Unlimited can give you helping hands. Commercial loans get funds in the range of 250K to 500MM and we are willing to give helping hands to many industries, such as mining, apartments, hotels, car/truck washes, franchises, and medical facilities. In most cases, the company can offer you long term bank rates.

The company is willing to offer any size businesses a competitive plan of giving out commercial loans. In such an economic downtown, some of the banks can still offer you commercial loans, but usually you have to high interest in return. Moreover, they may even ask for upfront fees. If you are in such a situation, you can simply refuse their offer as CFU can do the same without charging you any upfront fees.

Expert of CFU will consider your situation deeply and find out the best plan of offering you loan. You may have the need of having “hard money” loans, but it is rather difficult to find one because of the negative economic forecasts. But now, CFU can offer you “hard money” loans if you are qualified to get it.

After CFU have approved your request, you can get the loan in 15 to 30 days and you can have your problems solved!


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