PeachStone Capital Offers Loans in Georgia

PeachStone CapitalPeachStone Capital can provide loan for the single family houses in the Georgia area. Although the loan that they give out is a type of short term loan, it can already help the customers a lot.

The company has the ability to finance up to 90% of the deal that you requested. It includes purchasing and the cost of renovation. In order to give the customers the largest benefit, the company decided that customers do not have to pay any interest on repair money until drawn. If you want to make any prepayment, feel free to do it. There is no requirement of  any prepay penalties. Moreover, the company does not limit the draw. In this case, you can have unlimited weekly draws.

Sometimes you may find that there are lots of hidden fee when you are applying for a loan at other financial institutions. The cost of paying for the hidden fee can even be higher than the interest itself. If you borrow money from PeachStone Capital, there would not be such problem. Feel free to borrow money from the company and enjoy the benefits bought by the loans.

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