Reverse Mortgage – Banks and Credit Unions in California

Commerce Bank of Temecula ValleyIf you have interest in making funds against your home equity, reverse mortgage is a good solution. It is a special type of FHA loan designed for senior homeowners. And the post is about those good reverse mortgage lenders in CA. Just check out this post, and find the right one for you.

List of  Banks and Credit Unions Offering Reverse Mortgages in CA

Bank of Commerce‘s Reverse Mortgage is well designed for retirees who are over 62 and need funds to meet their financial needs. The bank has branches in Rohnert Park, Los Angeles, San Diego, Lafayette, Newport Beach, Stockton, San Jose, Claremont, Ventura, Roseville, Redding, Brentwood, Byron, Ventura, Danville, Oakley, Tustin, Camarillo, Oxnard, Fremont, Pleasanton, Danville, Gilroy, Redding, Antioch, Brentwood, Manteca, Modesto, Lodi, Stockton, Oceanside, Redding, Palmdale, Woodland Hills, Los Altos, Mountain View, Chula Vista, San Jose, San Diego, Walnut Creek, Claremont, Monterey Park, Morgan Hill, Glendale, Rohnert Park, Rohnert Park, Newport Beach, Los Gatos, Redding and Elk Grove, CA.

Bank of Internet USA‘s reverse mortgage can let your home equity work for you! The bank’s specialist will provide you with some education and information to uncover the possibilities of the loan program.

Sonoma bank is a part of the Sterling Savings Bank and offers Sterling’s Reverse Mortgage to senior homeowners. It may make seniors’ life more enjoyable.

BofI Federal Bank‘s reverse mortgage gives homeowners age 62 years or older tax-free cash to pay for any expenses. You can contact the bank’s expert Mortgage Consultants at 888-875-4743 or email for more details. The bank has offices in San Diego, CA.

AnFed Bank also provides the special mortgages for homeowners who are over 62. You are suggested to learn more details at the following page:

The following four banks also have branches in the state of California. So you are suggested to access one of their branch offices to apply for the special mortgages.

List of Credit Unions

San Francisco FCU offers reverse mortgages through a great partnership with California RM Consultants. And SFFCU has five branch offices in San Francisco, CA.

More credit unions offering mortgages:

Other Mortgage Lenders

Security One Lending provides senior homeowners with both educational information and reverse mortgage products. The company is committed to providing the best financial service that brings financial independence to all homeowners in America. Its main office is located in San Diego, CA.

Founded in 2004, Senior American Funding is another good mortgage lender you should not miss. The company is reported to originate Reverse Mortgages through some of the top Mortgage lenders that offer quality products and pricing. It also has offices in San Diego, CA.

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