Second Chance Checking and Banks in South Carolina

First National Bank of South CarolinaSecond Chance Banking Service in South Carolina

For those South Carolina residents who have failed to open new banking accounts due to their poor EWS or Chexsystems record, the second chance banking will be a good alternative option. In general, the special banking service include restricted checking accounts, debit cards and many other featured banking privileges. Here are some good financial institutions offering such special banking services.

Note that some of these 2nd chance banks and credit unions may not use Chexsystems. And some of them may run EWS or ChexSystems on the checking account approval. And as long as you have paid off what you own in the past, your application will be approved at last.

Non-Chexsystems or 2nd Chance Banks and Credit Unions in South Carolina

As you know, if you have been reported to Chexsystems or have previous banking challenge, both the non-chexsystems banks and 2nd chance banks are the best options for you. Here is a list of such good financial institutions for you.

Note that there is no one can guarantee that it will be approved 100%. The last decision will be made by the banks. And all of the South Carolina banks and credit unions listed below offer second chance checking accounts without using Early Warning Services or Chexsystems report.

If you are one of those who are looking for 2nd chance banking opportunities or non-Chexsystems banks in the state of South Carolina, these financial institutions mentioned are right for you. And some of financial institutions will check if the customers have a negative history or suspicion of fraud. So, the applicants are highly suggested to check the Chexsystems report and make a good preparation before making the application.

At last, if you find any banks or credit unions listed here that do not accommodate customers with negative Chexsystems records or stop offering the special banking service, please let me know and I’ll update the post for other readers.

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