Private Student Loans – Banks and Credit Unions in Nebraska

Northwest BankIf you plan to obtain a higher education, you may need a financing solution. As you know federal loan will be not enough to cover all education costs. So, the credit based private student loan brings you chance to fulfill the funding gap.

List of  Banks and Credit Unions Offering Private Student Loans in NE

Here are several good banks and credit unions offering private student loans in Nebraska.

Founded in 1935, Union Bank & Trust is committed to offering private Financial Aid to its customers with its branches in Lincoln, Omaha and Greater, Nebraska. The bank provides a full line of deposit accounts and lending services.

Northwest Bank has partnered with Iowa Student Loan and offers supplemental private student loans to help students meet the true cost of college. The loans are well designed with many flexible options to fit different customers’ needs. You can call 402-537-0300 for more details. And NB has branches in La Vista and Omaha, NE.

Emory Alliance Credit Union offers a wide variety of financial services to help students make a good preparation of financing education. You are suggested to call 404-329-6415 for more information.

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