Private Student Loans and Credit Unions in North Dakota

Citizens Community Credit UnionYou may have applied for federal aid, then you’ll find that is not enough. You may need more funds to fill the gap between federal loans and your education expenses. So, you are suggested to apply for some private loans.

List of  Banks and Credit Unions Offering Private Student Loans in ND

In general, if you enroll in an eligible school, you’ll qualify the loan program.

There are different loan options designed. And the repayment options may vary by different loan lenders. It is so difficult to find and compare those financing options and loan lenders. And here are some good credit unions and banks suggested in ND.

Citizens Community Credit Union is reported to offer smart student loans in ND. CCCU has branches in Bisbee, Devils Lake, Fort Totten, Grand Forks, Grand Forks, Lakota, Larimore, Northwood and St. John, ND.

I’m sorry that I find only one credit union now. And if you know more, please make a comment or send Email to me. And I’ll update the post soon for more readers.

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