Lima One Capital Offers Loans in Georgia

Lima One CapitalLima One Capital is a company that aims in providing hard money lending services to those who have a history of bad credit.

The company serves its customers by helping them to add values to their properties and mitigate every possible risk. 

The company can provide its customers with a variety of plan of giving out loan, including 13-month loan and 5 years loan. The 13-month loan can benefit those who want to sell their properties. Unlike the traditional 6-month loan, it can provide a relatively longer time to find the potential buyer of the investment properties. And for the 5 years loan, borrower can purchase his own properties.

Moreover, there is no prepayment penalty. ¬†Customers just do not have to waste any valuable time on reading the terms of services. In order to save the customers’ time, the company will make the decision of accepting or denying of ¬† the loan in a short period of time.


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