Fulton Bank Offers Reverse Mortgages in DE, PA and VA

Fulton BankFulton Bank is a smart commercial bank offering full-line financial services in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. It has over $9 billion in assets and 116 branch offices today. Especially for student, the bank offers student free checking, student savings, college credit cards and student loans. And another featured product of Fulton Bank is the reverse mortgage.

It is reported that there are many different mortgages designed to meet various needs of customers at Fulton. So, no matter you are looking for the best ARMs or FHA mortgages, here are the smart options for you. And you can learn more at the site of www.fultonbank.com too.

As you know, reverse mortgages are just designed for homeowners(age over 62) to convert their home equity into money for various expenses. There is no requirement of credit history or Chexsystems reports. And the amount you can get will be based on your age and the equity in your home. So if you want to use your home to make funds and do not want to give up title to it, it is a good solution.

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