Reverse Mortgage Basics of People’s Bank of Commerce in OR

People's Bank of CommercePeople’s Bank of Commerce’s reverse mortgage will help seniors tap into the home equity for supplemental income for various living expenses. So, it is also a good solution for seniors to improve their retirement.

Do you know the basics of the special mortgage? It is a unique mortgage right for senior homeowners over 62. The mortgage will not require any monthly repayments. And the borrowers will still own the home as long as they continue to live there.


Founded in 1998, People’s Bank of Commerce is a locally owned community bank offering high quality financial services in Rogue Valley, OR.

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  • 1311 E. Barnett Road, Medford, Oregon 97504, 541.622.6222
  • 750 Biddle Road, Medford, Oregon 97504, 541.776.5350
  • 1500 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, Oregon 97520, 541.482.3886
  • 1017 E. Pine Street, Central Point, Oregon 97502, 541.665.5262

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