Reverse Mortgages at Malvern National Bank in Arkansas

Malvern National BankOpened in 1934, Malvern National Bank is a full-service bank serving in AR. It has 11 branches in Malvern, Sheridan, Hot Springs, Little Rock, Bryant and Benton, AR. The bank offers deposit accounts, consumer loans, vehicle loans and various mortgages including ARMs, construction loans and reverse mortgages.

In general, Reverse Mortgage is designed for homeowners who is at least 62 years older to borrow against their home equity. It is different from Home Equity Loan that Reverse Mortgage will not require any repayments.

As you know, the special loan will be guaranteed by the Federal Government. How to receive the money? The fund comes with five different options for you to choose. So, if you plan to pay for medications, home improvements, travel or treatment, it is a good option.  Learn more!


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  • Tel: 501-778-5000

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