Smart Reverse Mortgages at Ireland Bank

Ireland BankFounded in 1892, Ireland Bank is a community bank offering checking accounts, savings accounts, personal loans and home loans in ID. The bank’s reverse mortgage is a featured loan product designed for senior homeowners. Irelan bank has branch offices in Malad, Aberdeen, Downey, Grace, Inkom, Lava Hot Springs, Montpelier, Pocatello Poleline, Pocatello Yellowstone, Preston, Soda Springs, Mackay and Carey, ID.

As you know, Reverse Mortgage is a special service created by HUD to allow homeowners who age 62 or older to make funds by using their home equity.

Comparing with other mortgage products, reverse mortgage allows you to use the home equity without any burden of repayment. The amount of the special mortgage will be based on some specific factors such as your age, the current interest rate, and so on. There are also several ways for you to get the money. You can choose a lump sum at closing, monthly payments or a combination payments. If you want to learn more about it, please click here!


Tel: 208-397-7100, 208-766-2211, 208-425-3066

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