Sterling Bank’s Home Loans and Reverse Mortgages

Sterling BankSterling Bank is a full-service bank offering checking, savings, home loans, CDs and investment services in the states of Idaho, Montana, California, Oregon and Washington. The bank offers a wide range of loan products such as Credit Lines, Home Mortgages, Home Equity Loans and Vehicle Loans.

Home Mortgages at Sterling Bank

So, if you plan to buy a new home or make refinance, here is the right loan for you at Sterling Bank. And you can learn more here!

In general, government loan’s down payment is lower than the conventional loans. And you can borrow up to at least 96.5% of the home purchase. Plus, loans offered by FHA and VA are insured by government.

It is a smart solution for you to make a lower payment by using home refinancing program at Sterling Bank. There are Jumbo and conventional loans designed with really competitive rates.

And Reverse Mortgage is designed only for those customers who is at least 62 years old to get funds. Then you can use it for credit cards, travel, health care or any other expenses. There is no requirement of payments or credit qualifications. Plus, the mortgage is insured by the FHA. So, you can live in your own home and use the money freely.

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