CO Second Chance Bank – Liberty Savings Bank

Liberty Savings BankLiberty Savings Bank’s Clean Slate Checking comes right for the individuals with past banking problems. Even if you have been listed by Chexsystems, the 2nd chance checking will allow you to improve the financial standing and rebuild personal finance. It means a new start on the path to a solid financial future.


  • Low monthly fee
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Quick approval
  • Application online
  • IdentitySecure
  • Freedom Extras
  • Overdraft Banking Protection

If you maintain the checking account without Non-Sufficient Funds fee for 12 consecutive months, you can request to convert it to a free Liberty checking account. And if you failed to get the checking account approved, here are some other second chance banks and credit unions that may accommodate you in CO.


Tel: 800-436-6300
Addr: 129 E. Agate Avenue, Granby, CO 80446

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  1. Denise Hohl says:

    I seek to open a checking account with a bank that does not base their decisions on credit, etc. Do you offer this type of service?1

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