The Alabama Credit Union and 2nd Chance Checking – Birmingham, AL

The Alabama Credit UnionThe Alabama Credit Union’s Fix It Checking comes as a second chance banking service right for those members with a prior problem with a checking account. As you know, the previous checking account history may prevent you from getting a new checking account at most of banks and credit unions.

For any members who have repaid all amounts due other financial institutions for the checking accounts in the past and completed The Alabama Credit Union’s mandatory online class, the bank provides the Fix It Checking account. Plus, the second chance checking is designed with visa debit card, low minimum balance requirement and customized checks.

The Alabama Credit Union’s Other Checking Options:

  • Free Checking
  • Just Rewards
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Fix It Checking

If you failed to apply for the checking account, and here are more second chance credit unions and banks serving in the state of AL too.


Tel: 888-817-2002

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