TX Second Chance Credit Union – Texas People Federal Credit Union

Texas People Federal Credit UnionTexas People Federal Credit Union’s Opportunity Checking brings a second chance for those members being reported to Chexsystems to handle and manage a new checking account. The special checking account will subject to some disclosures too. If you have less than two Chexsystems issues, you’ll be eligible to qualify the checking account.


  • Monthly service fee is $7
  • Non interest bearing.
  • One time $20 opening fee
  • Online banking service

If you failed to get the account approved, you are suggested to try other second chance banks and credit unions in TX.


Detail: http://www.fwtpfcu.org/asp/products/product_3.asp
Tel: 817-731-2756
E-mail: info@fwtpfcu.org
Addr: 4613 Wellesley Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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