IAA Credit Union – Bloomington, IL

IAA Credit UnionAs the rising of college costs, IAA Credit Union is committed to help the students with smart student loan options. With the loan, you can borrow an amount up to 100% of the school-certified education costs. The minimum amount you should borrow is $1,000. And the minimum monthly payment is only $25.

Other Lending Options:
Auto loans
Mortgage loans
Personal loans
Home equity loans


Founded in 1951, IAA Credit Union is a local credit union with assets of more than $138 million and over 13,000 members today.

Website: https://www.iaacu.org/
Tel: 800-676-2541, 309-557-2541
E-mail: servicecenter@iaacu.org

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808 IAA Drive
Bloomington, IL 61702-2901

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