Louviers Federal Credit Union’s Student Loan Terms – Newark, DE

Louviers Federal Credit UnionLouviers Federal Credit Union offers a range of student banking and lending products including Student VISA Credit Card, Beginnings Loans and Private Student Loans.

Firstly, privately-funded student loans are offered at the credit union for both graduates and undergraduates through Education Loan Source. With the loan, student can borrow a maximum amount of $45,000 to pay for any qualified education expenses every year. In general, if you are creditworthy student attending an eligible college and over 18 years, you’ll be eligible for the loan. Of course, you can apply for the loan with a creditworthy cosigner too.

There is no requirement of pre-payment penalties. And you can borrow up to $45,000 per year. Plus, there is an interest rate deduction of 0.25% once you have made 48 consecutive payments on time. You can be rewarded another 0.25% interest rate reduction by make automatic payments from the deposit account.

Student VISA Credit Card comes with Competitive Rates, No annual fees and A 25-day grace period. Beginnings Loan is another smart, quality financing option which can assist you in paying for some special events including marriage and family Louviers.


Chartered in 1968, Louviers Federal Credit Union is a local financial institution with assets of more than $200 million and over 11,000 members now.

Website: https://www.louviers.com/
Tel: 302-733-0426, 800-572-2092

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