Student Loan Options of Horizons North Credit Union – Northglenn CO

Horizons North Credit UnionHorizons North Credit Union offers several student loan options including federal loans, private loans and Consolidation Loans. So, you can choose the best solution for you to funding your education.

For the graduate students, Federal Consolidation Loans will help them simplify finance and ease the heavy burden of monthly repayments. It may lower the monthly repayment to 40% of the principal and interest you should pay every month. And the Private Consolidation Loans will help you refinance the repayments secondly.

In general, you are suggested to apply for Federal Parent PLUS Loans and Federal Stafford Loans at first. If you have exhausted the federal aid, Horizons North Credit Union’s Private Education Loans will help you cover the rest education costs including tuition, computers or other living expenses.


Established in 1960, Horizons North Credit Union has more than $59 million in assets and over 8,300 members today.

Tel: 303-451-1146

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11455 Pearl Street, Northglenn, CO, 80233

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