Student Loans of Family Trust Federal Credit Union in SC

Family Trust Federal Credit UnionFamily Trust Federal Credit Union has a good partnership with CU Student HELP and helps students with private student loans. As you know, the college costs are growing day by day. And you may have to apply for more than one loans to cover the actual costs of high education.

If you apply for the loan with a creditworthy cosigner, you’ll be eligible for a lower interest rate. The application may only take you 20 minutes and you’ll get a quick credit result. There is no prepayment penalties required.


Established in 1957, Family Trust Federal Credit Union is a great financial cooperative with assets of $227 million, 43,000 members and 7 branch offices in SC.

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  • 1615 Progress Way, Rock Hill, SC, 803-367-4100
  • 1219 Hwy 55 East, Clover, SC 29710, 803-222-7900
  • 1690 Old York Rd, York, SC, 803-684-3201
  • 430 Mercantile Place, Mercantile Pl, SC, 803-367-4100

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