Simmons First National Bank’s Bad Credit Loan

July 26, 2012

Simmons First National BankThe founders of Simmons First National Bank believed that people can make a difference. And that is why they have found Simmons First National Bank in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on March 23, 1903. They think that banking service is still a service that aims in serving people, despite of the technology innovation. Read the rest of this entry »

Hard Money Loans Offered by CFU in Arkansas

July 25, 2012

Commercial Funding UnlimitedPerhaps you are in a great trouble because nearly all the banks refuse to give you loan. But now, Commercial Funding Unlimited┬ácan give you helping hands. Commercial loans get funds in the range of 250K to 500MM and we are willing to give helping hands to many industries, such as mining, apartments, hotels, car/truck washes, franchises, and medical facilities. In most cases, the company can offer you long term bank rates. Read the rest of this entry »

Bank of Fayetteville’s Loans in AR

July 23, 2012

Bank of FayettevilleThe Bank of Fayetteville provides services base on the aim of treating every customers in the ways that we want to be treated. They believe in the core value that every person should have enjoyed local banking services that are provided by local shareholders as they can understand what the customers really need.

On March 5, 1986, the organizer had made a public announcement that they wanted to form a new bank. And now, we can find that they are operating in eight locations. Read the rest of this entry »